Pricing for E-Commerce Website Developement


Pricing Plans The Business Professional Package includes and features the simple to use advanced elements which are most important to incorporate into your website.  I provide comprehensive training videos and article on my website how to grow your business using these features. Package 1 Business Professional Setup The Business Professional Package includes setup of a Shopify E-commerce website with the necessary analytic and newsletter account setups to get the site live and transfer the existing domain or set up a new domain and connect it to the new site. I will provide training along with video tutorials on how to put products on the site. I will create accounts for you so you have full access and control over your site and related accounts.

  1. Website admin setup
  2. Front page Banner Setup and Navigation Category Setup
  3. Shopping Cart Setup- Link with bank
  4. Domain Linking  with Shopify store
  5. Newsletter Signup Form on Website
  6. Built-in Analytics

Cost                                  $39,800.00

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Refunds Policy No Refunds will be issued since is paid based on  knowledge expertise.  Generally support is provided via email, phone and sometimes remote support sessions. All credit cards will be billed though "Teramasu Accessories").

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