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I have had three websites for our brick and mortar store and Shopify is by far the most profession straight forward interface that I have ever used. Click the image to see a real Shopify Store 

shopify southern pines website design

online women's boutique website designed by Kevin King[/caption] If you are not getting the sales out of the e-commerce solution you are currently using or you are not using an e-commerce solution and can't take orders online 24hrs a day you are missing out! Don't stay with the site you had 5 or 10 years ago just because you paid a fortune for it. Do you still have the same mobile phone and computer from 10 years ago? If you are not getting what you want, CHANGE what you are doing! On Cyber Monday of 2013 over $63.7 Million Dollars of transaction were processed on Shopify E-commerce stores! You can upgrade to Shopify for a fraction of the cost of your old website and get results! If you do not have a website it a never been easier. Are you ready to make the move? No coding experience necessary. Straight forward interface. Easily set up payments for your website Optimized for Search engines like google and bing. Add features as you need them. Priced starting at $29/month with shopping cart functionality included. On site Blog included, greatly increases SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is how your website is indexed and found on the internet. Free Expert help available. Shopify Gurus can help you get setup very quickly. There are also local Shopify experts around the country which you can hire if you need additional help. How do you get started?

Click this link to Shopify and start your Free Trial

by Kevin King

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