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PhotoShop Touch Tutorial IPhone App Complete Overview

Create Amazing Photos for your website right from your Phone!

Jewelry Website Banner

Professional Images made on an IPhone.

 Professional looking product images are a must for eCommerce websites.   Consumers base up to 80% their perception of a business from a companies website.  The good news is now you do not have to hire a professional photographer or buy expensive software to make your images look professional.  The image below what taken with an iPhone 4s and cleaned up and re-sizes using an inexpensive Photoshop app.

Photo Edited using Photoshop Touch Tutorial IPhone

Tunic Photo edited using Photoshop Touch Tutorial Iphone App

Tunic Photo taken with IPhone and edited on PS Touch App. The video below gives a  comprehensive review of the Photoshop Touch App and tutorial Demo on how this tunic photo was edited  using cropping, Borders, scribble select, layers, re-sizing, refine edges, transform,Flatten and filters.   

Sea Life Jewelry images made using Photoshop Touch Tutorial Iphone App

Sea Life Jewelry images using Photoshop Touch[/caption] This Photoshop Touch tutorial iphone  video provides step by step directions for advanced photo editing in Photoshop directly on your IPhone allowing you to quickly take photo's and complete sophisticated edits for you website quickly with out having to sync or share your photo's with other devices.

Create Great Banners for Your Shopify Website

This Video tutorial shows you how to create Awesome banners for your Shopify eCommerce website and where to add them in a Shopify theme. The Banners are created in adobe Photoshop Elements. 

Make Your Pictures Awesome on Instagram

Use Instagram to Create Stunning Pictures to Grab your Readers Attention!

Vivid Photo of Pinehurst Putterboy on Instagram

Vivid Photo of Pinehurst Putterboy on Instagram

Let face it there is amazing content everywhere competing for our attention. The question is how can you make your content standout and be noticed.   A stunning image  can help give your content the edge you need.  You do not have to be a professional photographer to create amazing images. We have amazing smart phones  armed with incredible  apps that can do the heavy lifting for us.

 "A stunning image can help give your content the edge you need."

The are many amazing apps that can give you the effects seen in the above  photo. I am going to use Camera+ and Instagram.  This video show step by step how to accomplish these effects.  This video is dubbed with music if you would prefer to see a narrated video check out the following link

This is a Quick Video Tutorial to make awesome photos on Instagram Using the Camera+ App Follow the arrow and enjoy the music!



April 02, 2014 — Kevin King

How to make Your Instagram Photos Amazing!

This is a quick video tutorial on how to make amazing Instagram pictures. 

March 31, 2014 — Kevin King

Quickly Clean Up Images Using IPad

This tutorial is a video guiding you through the steps of cleaning up pictures and creating a clean white background on your product images. 

March 30, 2014 — Kevin King

Cleaning up Images for Your Website Can Be Quick and Simple

How to place your image on a white back ground quickly

Clutch Purses with Starfish by Teramasu

Clean up images and place on white background

  Now that you have a great website, you want to put great content on that site.   Once I show you a few tricks you will be adding images to your site like a pro. I highly recommends a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop Elements.  All you need is a good photo editor, a good camera phone, and a piece of white poster board or white paper. Place the poster board flat side up, curve the board up to create an infinity wall, and place the item on the board with the infinity wall behind the item. Use your smart phone to take a picture, tapping on the image to focus, and edit the photo in Photoshop Elements. The following video show step by step instructions on using the quick selection tool to extract your image from the background and place it on a white background. This can be done in less than a minute once you get the hang of it. 

March 15, 2014 — Kevin King