SEO Your Products In Shopify Step 1

SEO Your Products In Shopify Step 1

SEO Starts With The Product in Shopify

This is Kevin with Pinehurst Websites and we are going over doing SEO on the products by adding alt text and then changing the page handle, so that it is a little better for SEO. So let's go into one of the products and take a look at it. So this is a T-shirt. It doesn't have T-shirt in the name. So if it had T-shirt in the name, it's going to help the SEO, because the title creates the h1 tag, which is the most important SEO feature of a page. 

SEO For Shopify Product Titles

Think How You would Search for a Product When You Create Your Titles 

So, by having a good title, you are going to have better SEO. So, something that has T-shirt in the name is definitely going to be better. So let's go with T-shirt. And if we want it to even be more specific, we could say men's T-shirt. And we can even be more specific and say "brown" since this does not come in variance. So, this would be very good SEO title. This would also be helpful in the alt text and in the description as well. So we want to go to the alt text and add that in the alt text. This is also handmade in the U.S.A. 

We don't want to get carried away with the title necessarily, because these can get a little long, but you could put that in the title as well. And these are going to be the most searchable...this right here is going to be the most searchable component for SEO in your site. So that should also be somewhere in this description. But down here, we have the page handle for the title and it would be good that it's in here as well. 
So, we can see the title has already changed, which is going to help the SEO. So the page handle is down here, and you can't have spaces in the URL. So you just want to have everything that we just had in the title, but you want to have a dash between every word. And you can't have special characters, so I took out the apostrophe as well in men's. So, this should be good...much better page handle because it's going to match the title. And that's all that you have to do to create a little bit better SEO on your page. You want to go in and also add some of these elements within the description. 
So if you have any questions, you can tune in at and check out for more tutorials on SEO for Shopify. You can also click the link in the description below this video and that will take you to Thanks for tuning in. 

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