How to Start Buying Bitcoin

How to Sign up for a Binance Account to Trade Bitcoins for AltCoins Like ETH and Ripple XRP

What is Binance and How Can I Signup?

Binance is currently the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange by volume and allows you to sell Bitcoin BTC , Ethereum ETH, Tether USDT, and the Binance Coin BNB for some of the most popular Altcoins.

How to setup a Binance Account to Trade Cryptocurrency

Like many other cryptocurrency  exchanges, Binance had to temporarily close down new signups due to the rush of new investors to the cryptocurrency market at the end of 2017. Exchanges were signing up over 100,000 new users per day before closing. Binance signed up over 200,000 on it last open day. 

How to Get an Account While New Signups Are Closed

Binance has been intermittently allowing signups while still closed via referral links, and the CEO shared that in one day , 240,000 people created new accounts in just one hour.

Binance Referal Link 

How to Start Buying Bitcoin

Create a digital Wallet for Bitcoin

If you don't  have any Bitcoin how are you going to trade on an exchange for Altcoins like  ETH and XPR? You will need to open an account with an Online Wallet like Coinbase which allows you to use your fiat currency, such as US Dollars, from your Bank Account, Wire Transfer or Credit/ Debit Card and purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.


Sign up for Coinbase

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet
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