Affordable Sales Channel Inventory Management for Your Business

Merchants have never had so many available sales channels as they do today. But these new opportunities have come with new challenges. Today's merchants may sell in a store with a POS, on a website, and sell on Amazon, eBay and other market places. This type of scenario has made it very difficult for sellers to manage there inventories, purchases and order fulfillment without very expensive custom solutions.

There are a number of eCommerce integration companies springing up to fill the void for this very lucrative market, but until now, most have either been very expensive and/or some what incomplete. ecomdash is the most comprehensive and affordable solutions I have found in the multi-channel inventory management market.

Their SaaS(Software as a Service) platform breaks the previous price barriers that prevented these types of solutions from being ubiquitous for small business. In fact, their pricing policy is exceedingly fair, you are charged the pricing plan tier each month for what you actually use. Charges are automatically adjusted for slow or busy months.

Starting at only $49.99 per month, ecomdash allows you to synchronize your inventory on Amazon, eBay,Etsy and includes integration's with Shopify and Big Commerce websites and many more. It includes supplier and purchase order management. You can manage your orders, shipping and drop shipping with integration to US postal and and Endicia. 

ecomdash includes listing tools that allow you to create a product and syndicate it to multiple channels. This eliminates the need for manually entering new products into multiple channels saving time entering and formatting for each channel.       

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