How to Fix Wifi on Your Laptop

Nothing is quite as frustrating as losing your wifi on your Laptop.
Here are some quick fixes that may get you up and running if this happens to you.

Laptop WIFI FIX #1

One of the most common causes of losing Latpot Wifi is you accidentally turned off your WIFI by the switch or Keyboard shortcut. If this happens to you you can get up and running by following the steps in this video. 


Laptop WIFI FIX #2

If this did not work to fix your issue you may still be able to work around the issue. Simply add a USB wifi adapter to your computer to get up and running with an internet connection. The cost of these adapters and the size have both come down. You can usually find one for $10 to $15 with free shipping. You can find US adapter below on Amazon. The following USB includes affiliate links.

Laptop USB Wifi Adapter Dongle 

I hope you have found these Laptop Wifi solutions helpful. Feel free to leave a comment or question.

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